AMF vs The KLF – ‘3 A.M. Eternal’


In 2015, Swedish Pension Company, AMF, dropped a lyrically lazy, but musically and visually stunning covermercial of rave anthem ‘3 A.M. Eternal’ by The KLF.

You can guess what they did here…

Three letters – One the same…

Lets look cool and change ‘K’ and ‘L’ to ‘A’ and ‘M’.

Fair enough. But why not use the gifts of the rapper to update the lyrics to endorse the product?
Missing a trick guys!

‘AMF is gonna invest your money, cause you hafta
Move to the flow of a high-risk plan
Bass ballistics… You’re gonna work hard
An’ you can cash it out
Down at the post office
Talkin’ ’bout the mu la
Justified Ancient Retired at 72
Got to teach, an’ everything you earn’ll
Point to the fact that time is Eternal’

If you were around in the late eighties / early nineties after The KLF scored huge success with ‘3 A.M. Eternal’, then you may recall resorting to ringing the talking clock to find out the time (this was in the days prior to smart phones and widely available internet). For three weeks, and two days during the summer of 1993, if you phoned at a specific early hour, you would not receive the regular mechanised male voice, instead you would hear a familiar female vocal sample saying ‘It’s 3 A.M’. However, this was short-lived. The usage of The KLF snippet was unauthorised and had been cheekily used by an employee who was a mega-fan of the band. They were then fired for gross misconduct. Damages were eventually paid to the songwriters, Cauty and Drummond, for an undisclosed yet apparently significant fee.

Magnus Rosman / AMF – ‘3 A.M. Eternal’

The KLF – ‘3 A.M. Eternal’