Foxy Bingo vs Hot Chocolate – ‘You Sexy Thing’

Foxy Bingo vs Hot Chocolate

Well, we would never call Foxy Bingo lazy BUT changing only one word from a song does seem to be rather relaxed in the effort department – however it does still make the advert eligible as a covermercial, and that is what is important!

So, ‘sexy’ has ‘become ‘foxy’ and there you have it. Simple – yet it worked a treat. There were more than two fat ladies in the bingo halls once this commercial hit the nations screens.

Spare a thought for Hot Chocolate – when they released ‘You Sexy Thing’ back in 1975, many record shops refused to stock it, selected radio stations blacklisted it and certain religious groups called for it to be banned, as at the time, the lyrical content and infectious groove were considered to be of a pornographic nature!

Foxy Bingo – ‘You Foxy Thing’

Hot Chocolate – ‘You Sexy Thing’