Head & Shoulders vs 2 Unlimited – ‘No Limit’

Head & Shoulders vs 2 Unlimited

Awful meets awful here. Dreadful industrial pop-rave from 1993 is somehow made worse (actually quite an achievement) courtesy of the shampoo giant, Head & Shoulders.

The most impressive part of all this is Joe Hart’s fake smile – cash in the bank, soul in the gutter. He will regret making this covermercial in years to come.

The brand even have a remix version of the advert with a female vocal that sounds very much like Anita Dels from 2 Unlimited – surprisingly scraping around for work now!

2 Unlimited were originally formed by Belgian producers Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde. Apparently ‘No Limit’ was the result of a bet to see how high a chart position they could get with an annoying song…..

It reached number one in more than 35 countries and was the best selling single of 1993 in Europe. That is how you win a bet!

Head & Shoulders / Joe Hart – ‘No Dandruff’

Head & Shoulders / Joe Hart – ‘No Dandruff’ Remix

2 Unlimited – ‘No Limit’