Right Guard vs Lee Dorsey – ‘Working In The Coal Mine’

Right Guard vs Lee Dorsey

Before Lynx became the armpit aerosol ambrosial of choice for the discerning male, Right Guard were the market leader. ‘Work As Hard As Right Guard’ is a certified covermercial classic, as it is as memorable as a sweat-free scent and as favourable as a freshly fragranced gent. This version of the advert aired back in 1994 and is based on Lee Dorsey’s seminal ‘Working In The Coal Mine’ which arose thirty years earlier.

Initially, the Dorsey estate refused to license the music to Right Guard as they had heard that the product had been tested on birds. And not any old birds – canaries! As the original song is about hard working coal miners, to find out that the very birds that used to alert them to dangers were experimented upon was deemed unacceptable. However, the matter was eventually resolved when after much evidence was produced, it was found that no animal species had been tested on. In fact, the products were produced to innovative new standards. The laboratories of Right Guard were based on a Spanish archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa… the deodorants ‘had been tested on the Canaries…’ as in the ‘Canary Islands.’ A little slang almost had this great covermercial slung!

Right Guard – ‘Work As Hard As Right Guard’

Lee Dorsey – ‘Working In The Coal Mine’