Wall’s Cornetto vs Eduardo di Capua / Giovanni Capurro – ‘O Sole Mio’

Walls Cornetto versus O Sole Mio

Undisputably, this is the definition of a classic covermercial.

The Neapolitan song from 1898 ‘O Sole Mio’ may well be better known as that ‘Just One Cornetto’ tune following the fame and popularity of this 80s favourite.

If you look closely, the advert actually states at the end that the Cornetto is ‘made outside Italy by Wall’s’ despite the song claiming that it is ‘delicious ice cream from Italy’. This honesty proved costly when Trading Standards investigated the company. Eventually, the frozen dessert giant had to cease airing the covermercial on the grounds of mis-selling. It was at this stage that Ben & Jerry saw an opportunity….

Wall’s Cornetto – ‘Just One Cornetto’

Eduardo di Capua / Giovanni Capurro – ‘O Sole Mio’ [Luciano Pavarotti Version]