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What Is A Covermercial?

Well – it is one of the most ingenious marketing tools ever invented.

Those clever people in advertising know that they have a short space of time to grab your attention and sow their brand into your conciousness.

Over the decades, many approaches have been taken but one is a sure-fire winner when pulled off correctly – and that is the covermercial.

‘Cover…’ as in a version of a famous song.
‘….mercial’ as in a commercial or advertisement.

The formula is simple yet devastatingly effective:

1. Take a well known / famous / classic song that everybody will recognise.
2. Change the lyrics to incorporate your brand name and / or features of your product.
3. Put the advert on the telly box.
4. Watch people recognise the song, realise the adjustment and then go out and buy your product.

The secret is out there!

Here at Covermercials we will be featuring the adverts and the original songs behind them for your pleasure and enjoyment.