Just Eat vs Beastie Boys – ‘Fight For Your Right’

Well, we thought that Just Eat had abandoned their Covermercials. Back in 2016, it was announced that Just Eat had parted ways with advertising agency, Red Brick Road. This news cast a real shadow over Covermerical towers as it was their Just Eat vs Bonnie Tyler – ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ advert that kicked off this very website. And we have loved both their TV campaign and Poster campaign ever since.

So, when a reader of the site emailed us to tell us about a new poster we were very surprised! But clearly delighted – it is great to have you back, Red Brick Road!

It also appears that Just Eat / Red Brick Road are paying timely homage to the Beastie Boys. Our reader informs us that the poster (below) was seen in London recently and this appears to coincide with the release of ‘Beastie Boys Book’. Not only that, there are launch events in London this week at o2 Forum, EartH and Waterstones, Piccadilly. Or maybe this is a partnership between Beasties and Eaties!

In 1987, ‘Fight For Your Right’ became a fully certified classic for the Beastie Boys and rightly so. The track soundtracked the desires of a disenfranchised youth and became a hedonistic anthem from thereon in. Over 30 years later, those iconic lyrics are known the world over and this new poster delivers another Covermercial classic by flipping the rebellious tone into a cry for privileged high cuisine!

In 2010, Heston Blumenthal once spent an evening in a cell following a kitchen incident with a supplier. Having created a new menu for a special run of events, one of the key courses included a very rare Pâté. It had proven challenging to source, but Heston’s team had managed to locate a reputable supplier. Having been let down on two deliveries, tempers were starting to get short as supplies were desperately low. When the next order was delivered, Heston and his team were informed that they could not have the Pâté due to low amounts available. This set Heston off as he had been promised that he would not be disappointed a third time. The delivery driver insisted that he had no stock of the item on his van, but when it was spotted by one of Blumenthal’s staff – hidden under a box of brussel sprouts, it all kicked off. The police were called and a night in the slammer was the dish served cold. So, you really do have to fight for your right to Pâté sometimes.

Just Eat – ‘Fight For Your Right… To Pâté’


Beastie Boys – ‘Fight For Your Right’