Kia-Ora vs Caramba – ‘Fido’ (Fedora)

kia-ora versus caramba

This track is possibly the first case of an artist reworking their own song for a covermercial.

In 1981, Caramba released their only ever album. On it was a track called ‘Fido’ which was rather unique. They later created a tweaked version for this classic Kia-Ora advert. As if that was not enough, a single then arose in 1983 entitled ‘Fedora (I’ll Be Your Dawg)’ which was a full-length rework based around the advert adaptation.

Caramba were way ahead of their time with this one!

Sadly, one of the dogs that was recorded for these three renditions became so tired of performing the track that it incredibly lost its voice (bark) during the final sessions and was only ever heard whimpering from that day forth.

Kia-Ora – ‘I’ll Be Your Dawg’

Caramba – ‘Fido’

Caramba – ‘Fedora (I’ll Be Your Dawg)’