Hot Pockets vs Snoop Dogg – ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’

Hot Pockets vs Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg went way over the top with this one!

Not only did he parody his own song, he even reworked the whole thing with extensive new lyrics for this epic three minute covermercial. Thirty seconds would have done the job Doggfather!

Rumour has it (via The Dogg Pound) that Snoop approached Hot Pockets with the idea for this endorsement. The tasty wrapped snacks are the rappers favourite food fix and he had the idea for the branded version whilst writing the original ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’. The Marketing Director at Hot Pockets thought the whole thing was a hoax and only believed it after Snoop turned up unannounced at the company HQ and gave an impromptu performance of the song in the staff car park!

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