Radox vs The Coasters – ‘Yakety Yak’

Radox vs The Coasters

Another advert blast from the 80s as the awesome 1958 track ‘Yakety Yak’ by The Coasters is adapted to help soothe that back pain.

Speaking of Radox, the relaxing nature of the bath product inspired the name for London’s top chill-out DJ, J Radox who shot to popularity in the noughties with his incredible eclectic radio slots on Innacity FM. His following rose to such a level that Unilever started broadcating his podcasts throughout their offices and found that productivity in their workforce rose 37% whilst stress levels in employees decreased by a staggering 83%. Never under-estimate the healing power of music!

Radox – ‘Yakety Yak (Oh My Back)’

The Coasters – ‘Yakety Yak’